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Now Available: Pro 7: 4/20/2010 (v.

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QuickScanJR update page  - Current update: 6/11/07

QuickScan Pro 7 - 4/20/2010 - v.
New features are in green,
bug fixes are in black

1. New function to filter clients by tax-type and client type and display in new reports
2. Added support for new FMS Emailer module that now handles SSL connection
3. Options form update to accommodate port and connection type fields 
4. Update Print reports for more room in text field

Previously (7/15/09) v.

1. Changed hard coded address for eNR/iNN uploads
2. New report not bound to program time data
3. Update to query to place call letter fields correctly for NDS uploads
4. Changes in results display forms to increase the size of article text fie

Previously (2/13/08) v.

1. Cosmetic changes to "Rundown" reports enabling the viewing of all characters in the story "Length" field
2. Removed input mask to date controls on the Order form. 
3. New reports added for Print module that allow sorting of data by state
4. Added spell checking functionality to Print module input or logging form
5. Fixed spell checking on Search Results form (print or broadcast)

Previously (9/6/07) v.

1. Two new command buttons have been added to the Order form's "General" tab  to allow the user to bring up Client, Contacts and Account Profile data from within the Order.
2. A new report has been added called the "Prospecting Concise Report".  This report was designed to display all stories from a particular news program and squeeze these into as little space as possible.  A possible use might be for reading through news stories for the sake of prospecting or providing to your local broadcaster so they can see what was being run on other stations.

3. A problem was corrected that was causing an  incorrect message to display after an FTP failure to iNN after a cc import.  Records were not being flagged as sent but the message was misleading.

Previously (8/29/07) v. 8.3.5

1. Logic added to attach (link) data tables when in the automatic maintenance mode
2. Logic altered to prevent records (stories) being marked as uploaded after an FTP failure.  This affects inewsnetwork users, using *Manual* mode only.

Previously (7/26/07) v. 8.3.3

1. Logic added to code to prevent file size messages from activating if QuickScan is in the Auto Import/Upload or Auto Maintenance modes.  This would prevent the automatic modes from completing procedures and closing correctly.
2. Corrected a problem where account identification flags were being assigned incorrectly to clip records after a manual CC import and edit
3. Made corrections to the tab order on the Order Creation form.

Previously (6/20/07) v. 8.3.2

1. Fixed problem with QuickFix form that was  causing an error on close
2. Tweaks that allow the Order Entry functions to work more smoothly

3. New control to open Media (Program) Schedule screen from CC Import screen

4. New reports accessed from Order Tracking screen that displays, by data range, the source for sales.  There are two versions of this report: Details and Summary.  This reports allows monitors to track the number of clips they're selling from various stations.
5. New option to suppress the opening of the Hot Topics screen when QuickScan is launched.
6. Rewriting of logic pertaining to the (automatic and manual)  import of cc text and subsequent processing, exporting and uploading. 

Previously (4/11/07)

1. Changes have been made to Client deletion process that now deletes orphaned profiles that belonged to the deleted client or contact.  This mainly affects the Profile report that displays Clients, Contacts, Profile Names and the keywords - exclude words and categories associated with the profile.

Previously (3/21/07)

1. Auxiliary maintenance controls moved to User Options, File Management screen from Perform Maintenance screen for greater ease of access
2. New control on File Management tab of User Options that allows the user the option of suppressing weekly maintenance warning
3. New control on the Password tab of the User Options that allows the user the option of leaving QuickScan in "Administrator Mode" without having to click the control button to activate.
4. New warning pop-up message displays when data files are reaching their size limit.  1 Gig for Current.mdb and 1.75 Gig for Archive.mdb

Previously (2/25/07)

1. Maintenance - QuickScan Pro 7 data file maintenance may now be fully automated.  This is done with a script that runs the QuickScan command line containing a new "switch".  The script (batch file, .bat) containing the command line may be run with Windows Scheduler program and therefore fully automated to run unmanned at a time when the database is not in use. 

Previously (1/30/07)

1. Maintenance - Pro 7 now offers one-button, self-tracking maintenance.  Recognizing maintenance procedures to be the most time-consuming, this update has revamped the entire process and reduces it to a single mouse click.  QuickScan will automatically track records that are moved to the archive file and only move newly added records.  It will then automatically purge old records from the current file according to a new setting in the User Options. 
2. Self-updating data files - Pro 7 will eliminate the need for ever sending data files back to BDS for modification.  New fields are now automatically added to back-end, data files (there are several new fields added for this update).  Before this update may be installed a full backup with the old QuickScan is required.  See the installation instructions for more information.
3. User Options - File Management -  The old File Information tab in the QuickScan User Options has been changed to "File Management" in Pro 7 and it contains all of the information you'll need to easily keep your QuickScan updated and maintained. 
  • This includes a display of Current and Archive files sizes
  • Displays a warning when data files are nearing their size limit.
  • Access to the maintenance controls and Purge option
  • A button to link to the QuickScan Update Information Web page - to tell you if there's a new update available and what's been modified or added 
  • A button to link to your QuickScan Update Download page (you won't have to ever remember your download page address again!)
4. New and updated Help documents - Several documents have been added and all of the existing documents have been modified in Pro 7. 
  • All are now up-to-date with a great deal of important information at your finger tips
  • New Help buttons have been added to many screens to quickly access Help information relevant to that screen
  • All Help documents are now in .pdf format
  • Help documents no longer minimize QuickScan when they're opened
5. Document Library - The "Other" tab in the user options has been changed to "Library - Other" and lists all of the documentation immediately available to users.  In addition to listing all of the QuickScan Help documents there are also documents for all things related to QuickScan including QuickScan JR, FTP Voyager, YP Utilities, CC Text Processing Software and many more.  All of these documents will be instantly available for printing or viewing and accessible with a single click.
6. Orders -
  • New report available to make it easier to track the Orders you've created in QuickScan by date range 
  • Function to output Order report data to an Excel spreadsheet
7. Enlarged "Media" database screen to allow the user to view more programs at one time
8. Batch Email Parameters -
  • Allow the user to enter default subject and body text.  Until now subject and body text had to be entered for each profile. 
  • The default body text no longer has size limit 
  • Subject and body text entered at the profile level take precedent over the default subject and body entries 
  • Leaving subject and body text blank at the profile level allows the defaults to be used

QuickScan ProMedia 6 

Previously (10/3/06)

  • Added feature to allow NDS upload file to conform with the new specifications for radio logging
  • Added feature to allow the import of a file exported from the NDS system.

Previously (6/27/06)

  • Added feature to allow NDS upload file to be created automatically from manual mode without the iNN upload option selected.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the NDS import function error.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the keyword highlight characters to remain in view in the search results screen after they'd been turned off.  This was also causing double keyword highlights to appear in reports.

Previously (6/6/06)

  • New Client's Profiles Report displays each Client, Contacts, Profiles, Keywords, Exclude Words, Categories and more for each profile in your Clients database.
  • Modifications to the automatic purge features that allow it to also purge files from the "LeftOvers" location as well as the Archived file location.  This will also include older CC Import Log files.
  • Modifications to the "Print" entry screen to allow easier, quicker entry of data.  Logger Options carry over to remove certain fields from the tab order.
  • Modifications to "Teaser" report to allow the user's company name and the term "Sample Report" to become part of the file name when the report is exported to exported to a file format.
  • A feature that allows the creation of an NDS-type file in the automated mode without simultaneously uploading to inewsnetwork
  • A new field has been added to the Client record and the Order record for entering a credit card security code.

Previously (12/6/05)

  • A new feature that allows the flagging of alternate account profile names on selected clip records.  This feature previously only allowed the flagging of clips with the account profile name that was used to produce those particular search results.
  • A new feature that allows the deletion of a clip record or multiple clip records from the search results screen
  • A new feature for QSAuto that displays a message of the user's choice on the pop-up screen that opens when QSAuto is active.
  • A new feature to allow the automatic deletion of records from the database after they've been stored for 10 days.  This feature is primarily for the automatic QuickScan users who don't use QuickScan for their day to day operations and only for uploading.  Having this feature eliminates the need for the user to perform any regular maintenance.
  • New feature that allows the automatic deletion of old CC files that have been imported.  There is also a new control to allow the user to set the number of days the wish to keep old cc files until they are deleted.
  • Private modifications added for client that require that addition of a new database for added tables: ReaderTBL.mdb  QuickScan will not open now if it doesn't find this file in its  data file folder.
  • Revert changes made to call letter field elimination because it was interfering with NDS uploads

Previously (10/19/05)

  • License renewal update
  • Corrects a problem with the sorting of clips in the Rundown Report (a,b,c) (alphabetical sort). 
  • Corrects a potential problem that might occur with the call letter fields on the shipping labels.
  • Fixed Problem with query for NDS upload
  • Feature to allow the linking of older order records with archived clip records in other files
  • Modification to reduce database file sizes

Previously (8/24/05)

  • Modified Rundown Client (A,B,C) report to handle larger city fields.
  • Fixed Output to NDS function

Previously (7/28/05)

  • Changed 'City' field size on pre-upload tables to allow for larger market names.
  • Fixes a problem with searching in "Other" data files.
  • Fixes a problem with the Print module being able to use the "Teaser" report
  • Fixes the problem that was preventing some reports from displaying edited work without first saving the edits.
  • Fixes a problem was preventing the "Tape Labels" from printing selected hits correctly
  • New "You've Got Hits" report.  Does not display details of the search results but instead displays a text message stating that there were hits for the client on this day and to call for more information.
  • New "are you sure" dialog box added to Archive File Maintenance procedure.

Previously (5/16/05 - 6/9/05)

  • Fix to resolve a problem that was not allowing reports to print from "Archive" searches
  • Fix to resolve a problem that was clearing record selections from the search result screen after a report print preview
  • Fix to resolve a problem that was not allowing edits made in the search results to be printed to a subsequent report without saving the changes first.  Temporary changes may now be printed to reports without saving those changes.
  • New feature to allow the deletion of records from the search results screen (some may call this a fix).
  • "Teaser" report added to Publication report list (Search Engine and Search Results forms).
  • Feature to add back the page down and space bar remove/add selected record from the search results screen
  • Fix to clear up problem with Media Value reports in the Batch output
  • New FTP control added when it was discovered that installing Norton Anti-virus 2005 was disabling the old control ** 
  • ** This update requires that the FTP control file, "csftpctl.ocx", is placed in the Windows system folder (usually "c:\Windows\System32") and is then registered.  Copy the file to this folder and then from the Run dialog box (click Start then Run) enter "regsvr32.exe c:\windows\System32\csftpctl.ocx"  On some older Windows 2000 installations this folder will be "c:\WinNT\System32".   This will register the file with Windows.  Call BDS if you have questions.  You may also request a new installation CD that will install and register the new FTP control file automatically.
Previously (4/4/05)
  • New feature removes the distinction on the search interface between "Actual Data" and "Temporary Data".  Results are all viewed from a temporary table and the user is now prompted to save any changes that are made to the data in the results and these are then appended to the actual data table.
  • New feature to display Keyword Highlight characters in the search results.  This allows for easy searching of all keywords within search results by the use of Find/Replace function that appears on the double click of the text field.
  • Created a new option for Print versions that changes the operator from AND to OR when in the Print-search mode.  This allows for the user to search within a State or States (which in the broadcast mode is the "station" field) and within independent cities not in the selected states.

Previously (3/4/05)

  • Changed address for inewsnetwork uploads (hard coded)
  • New Feature to import the inewsnetwork output files.
  • Added .pdf file output to batch report output functions
  • Added new option to allow user to select where the "leftover" cc files would be stored - in the New CC file folder or the Archive CC file folder (note: your datafile.mdb file must be modified to in order for this feature to work properly).
  • Fix to the order creation module that was not allowing client information to be added to the order.
  • Enhancement to NDS file output feature that concatenates the TimeIn to the front of the article record text field.  This was already being done in other output areas but now all areas are conform.

Previously (11/17/04 - 12/22/04)

  • New button on User Options, File Information tab that opens this Update Information Page in the user's browser.
  • A bug (created in the 11/17/04 version), which was causing cc file-move function to quit before completion and therefore preventing the automatic upload to iNN, has been repaired.
  • The "LeftOvers" folder is now being automatically created as a sub-folder of the user's New CC File folder (user named) and the automatic closed caption file import log is now also being placed in the LeftOvers folder (these were both formerly placed in the Archive CC File folder).

Previously (11/17/04 - 12/22/04)

  • Special changes for specific monitor related features.
  • Makes changes to error handling of QSAuto which allows it to close on an FTP error.
  • Changes the directory where the "LeftOvers" folder is created and where the cc import log text file is created from the user defined "archive" folder to the "new cc file" folder.
  • Fixes to problems with automatic SofTouch-type CC file imports.
  • Created modifications to allow QSAuto to continue normally with shut down when an FTP error is encountered while uploading to iNN.  This allows records to be re-uploaded during the next successful FTP connection.
  • Created modifications to allow QSAuto to run normally without the FTP upload portion of the process enabled.
  • Issue resolved where multi-page batch report attachments of HTML formatted reports would only attach the first page.
  • Fixed problem with DL file output.

Previously (9/30/04)

  • QuickScan and QSAuto merged.
  • Small closed caption file size filter changed to a user defined variable.  This allows the user to set the size of the file that will not be imported into QuickScan because it may be too small.
  • A problem was corrected that was causing the cc import feature to ignore delimiters when all of these in the cc file are positioned at the beginning of the lines of text.

Previously (8/16/04)

  • Auto-correct property removed from delimiter field of Programs in the "Media" database.  This was preventing some delimiter character sets from being used.
  • Modifications to Rundown (a,b,c) report to alphabetize stations by call letters.
  • New cc file import features - Repairs cc import problems from 7/26/04 that was recalled.  Features added follow:
    • Detects file format type automatically (CCapture - Postech or SofTouch)
    • Detect and move undersized closed caption files. During the batch cc file import process QuickScan now detects undersized closed caption files and instead of attempting to import them moves the undersized files to a unique folder where they can be inspected.
    • Detect and automatically move cc files with missing but expected delimiters or choose to automatically parse them with a default time interval.
    • New button to in User Options to re-open CC Import Log screen.
    • Clear button on manual parse screen to remove existing delimiters.
  • DL Export modification - some systems were experiencing problems with the location of the QSideCar.mdb file.  This adjustment hard codes the file location, which brings the caveat of forcing the QuickScan installation in the c:\qspro folder.
  • Tweaks to QuickScan search engine logic.

Previously (6/22/04)

  • Important update corrects a problem in search engine when Account Profile name flag is used as one of the search parameters.

Previously (6/17/04)

  • QuickScan-Auto - automatically refreshes itself, turns itself on, imports cc files, uploads to iNN, exports NDS file, turns itself off. Requires separate installation.
  • Added interface for QS-Auto parameters set.  
  • Repaired problem with article account profile flagging after manual cc import.

Previously (5/7/04)

  • Fixed problem with clearing Search Engine screen.
  • Work done on all QuickScan reports to be sure they all work correctly in the batch output mode and that the "no hits" feature is outputting a report displaying the "no hits" explanation text.
  • New feature added to Emailer feature that allows each Account Profile to have reports sent from a profile that include a unique "from" address (Report Emailed From) and also allows a unique blind carbon copy (Also Send to Me as Blind CC at).  Leaving these new fields blank in the Profile causes the emailer to use the default information from the User Options.
  • Modified new "QuickFix" screen for two-mode operation.  Default mode does not load filtered records, which allows quicker load and use speed.
  • Fixed bug in batch email error reporting

Previously (4/8/04)

  • Batch report problem "Too few parameters" fixed
  • Adjustments to the Order screen

Previously (3/25/04)

  • Search by Order Number added to Order Master screen.
  • New "QuickFix" process created.  This is a much more advanced version of the old QuickFix screen.  Safer and easier to use.
  • Export DL screen modified for easier, quicker DL file creation.
  • Removed c:\QSPro folder dependency.
  • Fixes to Order screen glitches:
    • Sorted Order Master screen would go blank after viewing an order and then returning to the master screen.
    • Order screen would change Shipping price back to the client default after it was modified by the user.
  • Contact Notes linked to Order screen.  Orders are now able to display notes from the Contact's note field.  The text from this field may also be transferred to any of the Order's three notes fields with a command button.
  • New tab page added to the User Options for email parameters used with the internal batch emailer.

Previously (3/14/04)

  • A field has been added to the Order Screen that displays Notes from the Account Profile.  Provisions have also been made to automatically add all of the information from this screen to any of the other note fields on the Order screen.
  • Edited-record-locking on Search Engine - Account Profile screen to help prevent corruption in multiple use environments.
  • Button on Search Engine screen that allows viewing of Contact information while in the Account Profile mode now opens the Client screen to the Contact Page.

Previously (2/20&25/04)

  • Update to correctly calculate estimated clip length values where broadcasts are automatically parsed by a time interval and also manually logged.  This update is particularly important for those monitors who log manually.
  • Removed 'auto correct' from all station fields on screens where broadcast station selection was necessary.  This was causing stations such as "WROK" to be automatically changed to "WORK".

Previously (2/16/04)

  • Added new "Clear" button to Search Engine -Account Profile screen to allow clearing of all parameters while in either Ad Hoc mode or Account Profile mode.
  • New "Help" document for Batch Reporting and Processing.  This is activated from a new command button on this screen.
  • Modification were made to the drop-down list controls in the logging screens where repeating time values were being displayed (ALL QuickScan types - JR, QSafeTNet, DL, ProMedia 4i).
  • Corrected problem that was preventing "blank" report from printing in some cases where a messages was needed to be sent to clients when there were no actual search results.
  • Internal Spell Checker added (optional, may require update fee) .  This is for ALL QuickScan types (JR, QSafeTNet, DL, ProMedia 4i).

Previously (1/23/03)

  • Modification to code calculating Media Values to ensure that 'bad' data is handled.
  • Archive file maintenance interface modified to verify that the file name chosen as the new archive file is correctly formatted with an ".mdb" file extension.
  • Modifications to the "Media" screen to make selection control empty after a station is selected so as not to allow user to believe that they are on the record that is represented in this control. 

Previously (12/12/03)

  • Important modifications to accommodate "Relative Media Value" calculations on iNN
  • Fixed filter controls on Batch Report and Orders screens
  • Modified "Edit Stories" screen to not allow the addition  of new story records from this screen. Adding story records from this screen, rather than from the "data entry" screens, would cause critical data fields to be left empty.  This modification has also been made to the QuickScanJR program.
  • Layout reconfigured on Main Menu, Import CC, User Options and "Splash" screens

Previously (11/10/03)

  • Modified report displaying all broadcasts in Media database.
  • Removed code trying to attach un-used tables
  • New functionality added to Ad Hoc search screen disables "Return to Ad Hoc" button when already in Ad Hoc mode.
  • Requested mods to Invoice and Order reports

Previously (10/22/03)

  • Fixes problem with initial price selected for an Order not being carried over to the Order items
  • New screens (whoo hoo)
  • Fixes a problem with the closed caption import function that may have been causing the program parsing delimiter (e.g. >>>) to be ignored during a CC file import.  This would possibly cause an entire program to be imported as only one story.
  • Master Order Search form enhanced with a "Topic Search" field that allows the user to search for historical ordering information based on topic. You may now search for clients who placed orders in the past regarding particular topics in order to re-contact those client should a topic re-emerge in the news.
  • "Blank Order" - fixed problem where fields were not being added to new orders (orders that were not from search results)
  • New Credit Card fields added to ORDERS "Invoice" report
  • Fixed problems with some of the ORDERS features, passing all client parameters to an Ad Hoc order, etc.
  • Fix problem with Media Value reports in Archive mode

Previously (10/2/03)

  • Updates export forms, Main Menu iNN export command button
  • Fixes "Key Highlight" reports, which were not displaying keywords or text correctly
  • Fixes a CC file import problem that prevented some files from being imported correctly
  • Reinstates ability to import CC files into an alternate database (CCCurrent.mdb)
  • Adds ability for Archive maintenance to move Account and Category flags.
  • Adds ability to search archived data by 'category' and 'account' name flags.  Also corrects a problem that was causing 'categories' and 'account names' to display incorrectly in archived data files.

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