QuickScanJR Update page  6/11/07


This update is for QuickScanJR Pro 5 only.  To see if you can install this simple update without having to install from a new CD check to see if the following files exist on your hard drive:

  1. QSJRuser.mdb (should be in your c:\qsjr98\ folder)
  2. csftpctl.ocx (use Windows search to find this file. It will be in c:\qsjr98\ or in c:\Windows\System32\)

If either one of these two files are missing, you should not use this update and should request a new installation CD.

QSjrUpdate.exe  --  Click to begin the download.  Select "Save to hard drive" and save in a convenient location (Desktop).  After download has completed be sure that QuickScanJR is not running and then double click the QSjrUpdate.exe file to extract the update.


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